Up to 100
    Up to 100 Plug-In-Digital

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    Detalii Joc

    THIS APP WORKS WITH THE CONNECTED WOODEN TOY SMART NUMBERS. Children can play with numbers from 0 to 100: - understand the ten- and one-places - find a number in a series of digits - recognize numbers written out - recognize the pronunciation of numbers - manipulate quantities with a set of beads This app is designed for children from 4 to 7 years old. It was developed with the assistance of schoolteachers and inspired by the Montessori method. The app is already available in 16 languages! Older children can learn to recognize numbers in a foreign language. EDUCATIONAL GOALS Up to 100 trains children in: - visual and auditory recognition of numbers - the concept of quantity with tens and units The app is inspired by Montessori pedagogy by promoting the acquisition of abstract concepts using concrete manipulation.


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