Snake Walk
    Snake Walk 24MAS

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    Detalii Joc

    Snake Walk Test your sequential thinking and logic with this ultra-simple brain puzzle! The goal of Snake Walk is to walk around the entire maze field and step on all light tiles until all of them are cleared. The darker tiles are obstacles that you will have to get around. The level map will guide you through your progress to increasingly difficult and challenging levels. Once you?ve found your way around you can challenge yourself and improve your time to collect all three stars and improve your score. How to play: 1. Wisely choose your starting point as this could make or break your level. 2. Choose your direction that can only be changed when you hit the wall or an obstacle. 3. Find the best route that won?t lead you to a dead end before you?ve stepped on every single light tile. Features: 50 Increasingly Difficult Levels Stunning 3D Graphics Level Map, marking the player?s progress (c) Zariba Ltd


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