Kraken Land : Platformer Adventures
    Kraken Land : Platformer Adventures Plug-In-Digital

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    Detalii Joc

    Welcome to Kraken Land?s world. Incarnates a small kraken that runs, jumps and destroys its enemies. Discover the different levels that combine platformer, adventure and action. Unlocks incredible rewards to increase your power ! Features: ? Unlock amazing levels for even more adventure ? Takes up the daily challenge and receives rewards ? Uses objects for more fun ? Compare your scores with your friends online ? Play with innovative gameplay ? Up to 60 fps for ultra smooth gameplay! ? Improve your gull to fly farther ? Increase your TNT for more action ? Use nitro to pass the sound barrier ? Quests on each level Kraken Land is a free game, a great platform game but also an incredible adventure game with more and more action. Boss are like puzzle to solve. Every time you die you lose a life, be careful ! Are you jumping far enough to the next platform ? Do you have enough space to go through this hammer ?


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