Z-End Plug-In-Digital
    1,25 €

    Detalii Joc

    Story: Zombies overwhelmed the planet. A single bite is enough to join the horde. A few weeks after it began, 90% of world?s population was infected. Survivors now have to fight for survival. North of Craco, the city in which the action takes place, survivors have gathered and build up The community. As a member, you were asked to search the ruins of civilisation for other survivors. On your way, you meet Faye, a young woman of sturdy character. Together, you will have to face the dangers of a dying world. Features: An interactive story in a zombie-apocalypse world Meet endearing characters Visit iconic places of the zombie fictions (the hospital, the mall, etc.) Make decisive choices that will influence the story and ending At any time, use the rewind-mode to change the choices you made


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