Kill Or Be Killed
    Kill Or Be Killed 24MAS
    2,49 €

    Detalii Joc

    World reached to the year 2250! Aliens almost grabbed its Victory after many fights with humans, but you have a last chance to still breathe and save the world! So last chance. You kill all of them and recreate world OR be killed by them! Use arrows for movement and tap anywhere on the screen to shoot. Swipe down to crouch and swipe up to use Jetpack. Upgrade your weapons to survive at difficult situation. Each weapon has its own characteristic with its unique power to defend enemies. There are four major levels and each level has unique target with achievements and try to clear all the levels. Controls are very easy to understand just tap anywhere to shoot and there are self-explained arrows to move the character. Crouch down and shoot when the alien birds attack otherwise they will kill / harm you. Try to finish the aliens generating nests which spawn many aliens! You can use jetpack which helps you to move top and shoot them easily. Upgrade the weapons wisely with your earned coins. Take a deep breath and get into the deadliest world!


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