The Colour Game
    The Colour Game 24MAS
    2,49 €

    Detalii Joc

    Do you love games with colours and shades? Test your ability to find the precise colour in the blink of an eye! Train your eyes and reflexes by spotting the colour of the brighter shade square as quickly as possible. Series of colour squares will be shown and the faster you spot the different shade, the better result you will achieve! Be prepared, though! The lighter shade gets harder to see as you progress. How many can you spot? Try The Colour Game and find out now! There are 2 modes to choose from: *COUNTDOWN: How many brighter squares can you find in 1 minute? *SURVIVAL: Every correct click gives you time. How long can you survive? Want to challenge yourself even further? Unlock the PRO version, featuring 2 more modes: *SHOOTDOWN: Reach a given score without making any mistakes! *TARGET: Complete the target in the specified time! Enjoy The Colour Game by playing and training your eyesight at the same time! This fun simple game trains your eyesight and reflexes.


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