House Witch
    House Witch 24MAS
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    Detalii Joc

    House Witch takes place in a fantasy world, where there are humans, elves, orcs, monsters, goblins, lynx, dragon and many other strange races. The main character Yo-Yo is an alchemist who likes to stay at home doing alchemical experiments. One day, she suddenly wanted to go for a long trip to collect some rare alchemical material, however, because of the ongoing experiments, she could not leave the house. Therefore, she transformed her house into a mobile fortress and convened a group of companions who also liked to travel and started their adventure together. Unique and innovative shooting experience, stunning and adorable comic style, house witches in tsundere and kawaii look will challenge the magical world with you together. Bring enough ammunition, and move forward with 'House Witches together! Game Features: ---Indulge shooting experience. The game has no limit of ammunition, no overheating limit for the weapon, which allows shooting without interruption. To constitute an airtight firepower network by scheduling different house witches together, where no monster could return. ---A variety of attack patterns. Every House Witch has a unique way of attacking monsters, and also unique killing skills. A combination of different strategies become even more prominent in the gaming experience, the clever use of their characteristics attack patterns will cope with a wide range of enemies. ---Enormous achievement system. In the game achievement system plays a crucial role, you need to complete various achievements to unlock purchases to get different kinds of house witch, and other follow-up series of functions. There are many achievement challenges which require the player to reach certain specific conditions to complete the special achievement. ---Extensive BOSS combat. The bosses in the game are not necessarily to be the common people. They own special attacks, a rushed shot will cause failure. But do not be discouraged, after many failures, you will find the boss's attack methods, it,s the key to winning. ---Stimulating activities. There are some entertaining special events apart from the combats in normal level. The current version contains "Orcs Carrier" and "Endless Mode."


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