Zombie Run 3D
    Zombie Run 3D 24MAS
    2,49 €

    Detalii Joc

    Welcome to Zombie City. Where it all began. When your City is overrun by the walking dead, there's only one thing left to do - cut down wave of zombies in this endless Running adventure! Start your survival run for life. Be an extreme runner and beat them like zombie smasher with speedy run and thrilling powers in this zombie dash running saga. There is great appeal of classic arcade and action games with stunning graphics. In this 3D Zombie Run, Cute boy can get coins, pick up power-ups, exchange scroll for money, and absorb energy circles to collect energy, activate ninja skills, and so on. There?s only one thing you can do: Run. Forget the city, rail, jungles and subway stations, this is the time for The Zombie land. Watch out for MUMMIES and other insane heart-breaking stuff. Simply jump or move from left to right to defend your life.


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