Run Jojo Run
    Run Jojo Run 24MAS
    3,49 €

    Detalii Joc

    He has the power to run on land, fly as a butterfly and swim like a fish in the sea therefore there?s no doubt that JoJo is the most suitable contender to become the Prince by completing the tasks and marrying the kings lovely daughter. The king is leaving no stone unturned as he has made the tasks difficult with various obstacles to block ones way. JoJo?s journey will not be easy as fellow contenders have placed magical solutions, which if used right can be used as an advantage as well. These solutions would turn JoJo into a bear, a bird or a dolphin which can help him get through few of the obstacles. Limited chances, limited way but the powers are many and coins found on the way. Collect more coins to impress the king and avoid the obstacles as you would lose a life when you collide with any. All we can say now is Run JoJo Run!!


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